Stemulite Ingredients

Stemulite Fitness Formula Ingredients

Stemulite Fitness Formula is a unique mixture of the following essential nutrients and trace elements that work together to provide peak performance for men and women of any age and lifestyle.

A-Lipoic Acid
Beta Glucan
Eggplant extract

Stemulite’s combination of these all-natural, safe ingredients is the choice of many professional athletes including NFL stars such as Simeon Rice, Patrick Johnson, Gary Brackett and NFL legend, Roger Craig. They depend on Stemulite for peak performance on and off the field without the concern of banned or illegal substances harming their bodies. Stemulite is also used by top performing professionals in other sports, law enforcement, and those who have a job that requires them to remain fit, strong and alert at all times.

R-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA): 300mg

R+ Alpha lipoic acid is seen naturally in the mitochondria of body cells, which is responsible for release of energy stored in heavy molecules like fat, proteins and sugars.

It prevents oxidation (destruction) of vital cellular components due to the action of free radicals. The quantity of ALA in blood and other body cells depreciates as we age. As part of the Stemulite Fitness Formula, it is easily absorbed to the blood, restoring ALA levels to maintain a younger body.

How it Works

Mitochondria are cell organelles responsible for production of energy molecules. Energy is liberated from the heavy molecules like lipids (fats) by oxidation. Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to serious health problems, starting with low energy levels and then leading to cellular destruction, ultimately challenging the survival of the individual. Stemulite keeps these problems in check.

Weight Reduction

Anyone who wants to lose weight can get fast results with the ALA component of Stemulite Fitness Formula. Since the chief function of ALA is to facilitate energy production by oxidizing fat, excess fat content in the body is easily reduced. Plus, high energy levels guarantee more physical action and exercise, which causes even more weight loss.

Weight Training & Fitness

Body builders, weight lifters, athletes and everyone who has a regular workout regimen can benefit from ALA intake through Stemulite Fitness Formula. ALA contributes to favorable physiological composition, by channeling more energy to muscle tissue than fat tissues. Another unique property of ALA is that it can enhance uptake of several supplements and medications.

ALA Gives Stemulite Fitness Formula the Anti-Aging Effect

As mentioned earlier, mitochondrial dysfunction and action of free radicals lead to aging. Healthy mitochondrial function can considerably reduce the risks of free radical action, mitochondrial decay, cellular decay and DNA destruction. Here again, Stemulite slows the aging process.

Aminocarnitine (L-Carnitine Amino Acid): 200mg

L-Carnitine enhances memory and mental clarity. An amino acid derivative found in almost all cells in the body, it’s water soluble and transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells.

How it Works

L-Carnitine in Stemulite Fitness Formula works mainly at two levels. First, all body cells except brain cells utilize long-chain fatty acids for energy. L-Carnitine shuttles long-chain fatty acids from within cell body to the mitochondria, where it is turned into energy.

The second function of L-Carnitine is as a neurotransmitter.

Fitness & Weight Training

It has been established that the ALC-ALA combination can considerably reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress. This is great news for athletes, body builders and weight trainers.

Stemulite Fitness Formula has the components that keep the cells free from the burden of oxidative stress after strenuous physical exercise.

Beta Glucan: 50mg

Beta Glucans (or B Glucans) occur as both soluble and insoluble natural polysaccharides (as sugar). These sugars occur in mushrooms, barley, oats and other foods. The Beta Glucan used in Stemulite Fitness Formula is derived from mushrooms, thus Stemulite is not to be used by someone with mushroom allergies.

Beta Glucans are anti-carcinogenic (known to possibly reduce the risk of cancer) and mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow. Stem cells have the potential to develop into any cell in the body.

How it Works

Beta Glucans have the potential to enhance human immune system and to repair injured or damaged tissues. They are helpful for weight trainers and body builders, as they facilitate easy recovery from muscular damages and daily intake of Beta Glucans through food can strengthen the immune system.

Synergist Effects

The unique combination of Beta Glucans and ALA enhances the potential of Stemulite Fitness Formula in that it can improve cellular metabolism, promote immunity to disease, cause faster recovery from injuries and encourage faster muscular growth.

Fitness and Prevention of Sports Injuries

Since Beta Glucans have direct effect on immune system and stem cells, they have enormous potential. Persons suffering from muscular injuries, tears and other problems can benefit from Beta Glucans as they facilitate faster recovery from muscular damage.

SerraPeptase (Serratipeptidase): 50mg

SerraPeptase™ is a polypeptide enzyme isolated from Serratia bacteria. It has the potential to break down waste proteins and has a long history of being used as a nutritional supplement.

How it Works

SerraPeptase reacts with the waste proteins that cause congestion in cells then subsequently flushes them away. The compound also can ease minor pains by breaking down and flushing out unwanted fibrins and similar protein compounds that cause pain and inhibit normal functioning of the cellular system.

Fitness & Training

SerraPeptase in Stemulite Fitness Formula acts fast on stressed out muscle cells and can remove the unwanted proteins that cause stress on muscle cells. With the unwanted proteins removed, this compound accelerates recovery from sprains, bruises and other injuries.
Quercitin: 50mg

Quercitin is a type of flavonoid that is abundant in plants and plant products. This polyphenolic compound is present in onions, red wine and variety of herbs and plants. Quercitin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It also regulates digestion and protects interior organs, and provides protection against allergies.

The Quercitin content of Stemulite Fitness Formula can guarantee protection against inflammation, allergic reactions and help modulate the immune system. 

Melatonin: 2mg

Melatonin is the principal hormone produced by pineal gland and traces of this hormone can also be found in plants. It helps in regulating seasonal responses and photo-periodic reactions. Melatonin also is used in medicines aimed at treating sleep disorders.

How it Works

Melatonin is a hormone that has regulatory functions and facilitates REM sleep, critical in rebuilding injured cells.

Fitness & Sports Applications

Regular sleep is essential for top-notch performance. With regular hours devoted to sleep, the body can regain lost energy and repair damaged tissues.

Eggplant Extract: 10mg

Eggplant contains powerful active alkaloids, which helps in cell growth and rebuilding injured or damaged tissues. The active alkaloids also facilitate better cognitive functioning, leading to faster learning and better memory.

How it Works

Different studies have proved the potential of adult stem cells to grow into blood vessels and to any tissue in the body. Eggplant alkaloids bind acetylcholine receptor agents, which in turn are helpful in stem cell activation.

Fitness & Training Applications

Bone marrow produces certain stem cells, which have the potential relocate to areas of injured muscle tissue and to replace the injured tissue with fresh, healthy tissues. These cells respond to the active alkaloids found in eggplant extract as used in Stemulite Fitness Formula.

Athletes will be less prone to muscle stress related injuries and they can find faster ways of safely building lean muscles. Eggplant extract also facilitates better concentration and cognition.

Indium: 5mg

Indium is a trace mineral, which until recently was not considered to be a nutrient. It has several benefits as it facilitates absorption of other trace minerals necessary for the body including reducing the effects of aging, improving memory and safely regulating blood sugar levels.

How it Works

Indium mainly regulates hormone production by acting on the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal, the three main glands that regulate body functions and is responsible for production of adrenaline, epinephrine and cortisol, which are responsible for alertness and physical performance.

Hormone production shows considerable slowing with aging. Indium acts against this, promoting hormone production by maintaining metabolism levels and preventing weaknesses to bones.

Stemulite Fitness Formula has a minute quantity of Indium, which helps in regulation of hormone production at normal levels. It maintains sex drive, encourages normal functioning of internal organs and aids in sleep.

Fitness & Training Applications

Athletes benefit from normal hormone production as they experience high energy levels and support by the body. Use of Stemulite Fitness Formula can give immediate results, in a matter of five to ten days.

Weight lifters lift more weight, runners run longer distances faster and athletes can extend their workouts.  Stemulite Fitness Formula's contents, including indium, are specially selected for enhancing athletic performance and developing healthy bodies.

Stemulite Fitness Formula – the Most Comprehensive Fitness Supplement

You won’t find another fitness formula that does as much for you as Stemulite Fitness Formula. You’ll experience improved physical, physiological and mental functioning and be able to perform at higher levels than ever before. And Stemulite also reverses the aging process and improves your overall health and well being. Start feeling and performing better today!

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