What Are Adult Stem Cells

What are adult stem cells and why are they so important?

Adult stem cells are uniform cells found in bone, blood, brain and other tissues in the body. Their importance is further confirmed with each new study. The reason? Stem cells have a remarkable ability to not only repair damaged muscle tissue, but have the potential to regenerate damaged organ tissue as well.

Stemulite Fitness Formula can help recruit these adult stem cells to be used to replace damaged tissue cells caused by strenuous physical activity, surgery and any other cellular damage can be assisted in rejuvenation with an increase of adult stem cells recruited from your own bone marrow . Plus, a release of a higher volume of adult stem cells into the bloodstream can slow the effects of aging.

Very few stem cell supplements available today encourage the stimulation of stem cells with the effectivness of Stemulite. Stemulite Fitness Formula recognizes the amazing potential of these powerful cells considered by many to be the best possible way to maintain optimal health.


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