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Will's Stemulite Trial, week two

Will Week Two Stemulite Trial

Another week down, and what a week its been! Not only with Stemulite but its been a crazy-busy week with work too. That being said, I'm still amazed  with this supplement!

Week One: Will’s Stemulite Trial

So I am nearing the end of my first week on Stemulite and what a week its been. As promised last week I am going to continue to document all key things that I’ve felt/ not felt and what I’ve done in that week.

BEFORE Stemulite - my trial of the wonder supplement!

Those of you who read my previous post will remember that I said the only way that I can vouch for the results the Stemulite offers is by trying it for myself. Well yesterday I received my first shipment of the supplement and tomorrow (Saturday 20th September 2014) my trial begins.

I am going to document this trial to you on a weekly basis, including key information each day, to see my progress.


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