Stemulite: A Natural Stem Cell Recruiter for Your Well Being

Stemulite: A Natural Stem Cell Recruiter for Your Well Being

As one of the most effective dietary supplements on the market today, Stemulite provides a number of health benefits. Probably one of the more unique benefits is that Stemulite serves as a natural stem cell recruiter in your body. You may have heard about stem cells in the news because extensive research is now being conducted in the use of one's own stem cells to help heal diseases, including certain types of cancer. Stem cell experimentation has proven to be successful in some cases due to the human body's remarkable ability to heal itself under the right circumstances. These successes have encouraged scientists to further their stem cell research in hopes of creating more advanced medical procedures to make stem cell treatment a reality for even more patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

Adult stem cells are cells that are in the post-embryonic development stage, and can be found throughout the body. This means the stem cells are not taken from destroyed human embryos, which has been a controversial issue in the United States for several years. Adult stem cells multiply by cell division, and their primary purpose is to replace dying cells as well as regenerate damaged tissues. They are also called somatic stem cells, and are present in juvenile and adult humans and animals.

Stemulite's Role in Promoting Stem Cell Health

So, how does Stemulite fit into the picture when it comes to stem cells? Stemulite acts as a recruiter for dormant stem cells in the human body. Though the supplement varies slightly in ingredients for men and women, all offerings of the product contain eggplant extract. Eggplant has a very effective stem cell agonist, or promoter, which recruits millions of stem cells from one's own bone marrow. These new cells that were simply lying dormant before can now enhance muscle-building as well as repair damaged cells and form new tissue. Adult stem cells are present mainly in tissues from bone marrow, blood vessels, peripheral blood, the brain, skeletal muscle, skin and liver.

Though Stemulite's stem cell recruiting properties are geared toward helping athletes recover more quickly, it is beneficial for any type of cellular repair. Stemulite causes adult stem cells to become active on a regular basis for as long as a person remains on the program.

Other Health Benefits

Stemulite offers many other health benefits besides adult stem cell recruitment. It helps the body maintain a metabolic balance of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. It promotes healthy weight loss and long-term weight management. Stemulite causes the body to reach a state of natural homeostasis, which results in replenishing depleted nutrients and recharging energy stores. It boosts the body's immune system, and provides restful sleep that's better than any sleep-inducing drug, without worry of becoming habit-forming. Women who take Stemulite regularly enjoy loss of belly, hip and thigh fat without losing breast tissue, as well as leveled out menstrual periods.

If you'd like to try Stemulite, search for it online using the keywords "Stemulite," "Stemulite Fitness Formula," or "Stimulite." Buy only from a reputable company that offers detailed information about its supplements and other health products. Be ready to commit to long-term use to enjoy maximum benefits offered by the Stemulite supplement.

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