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Stemulite Passes Any Drug Screen

We recently had a great question from a regular Stemulite user that is very timely. This individual was concerned that Stemulite might show up negatively in a drug screen this person had to submit to in order to get a new job.

I would paraphrase but nothing like the original communication will do it justice. Here is the entire email string with the senders email taken out of course:

Hello Jamee,

Stemulite User Reports "I consider it a miracle pill"

This email was received by one of our regular customers recently. We included the entire string for you to see except for the users email address for obvious reasons.

Thank you Elizabeth for your update on your use of Stemulite.

The email string is as follows:

Matthew, thank you. Will do so.

Stemulite Earhoox Promotion Great Success

Yes, the StemuliteFitnessFormula / earhoox combination offer has seen some awesome success and attention. While the two may not seem synergistic to some the folks that have taken advantage will tell you that earhoox have improved their workout experience.

So many of us love to listen to our own music while working out, running or aerobics and loose or falling out ear pieces (ear buds) are often an issue. Earhoox is the cure for this problem. No more earbuds falling out or getting loose causing you to feel uncomfortable and distracting you from your focus.


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